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At, we understand the challenges mobile app developers face in maximizing app revenue while maintaining an optimal user experience. Our advanced mobile SDK is designed to offer developers a seamless integration process, backed by the latest in technology advancements, ensuring both a robust monetization strategy and a superior user experience.


We enable you full control over your app's monetization. Our SDK is designed for flexibility, allowing you to integrate your own advertising demand or leverage our robust in-house advertising demand. With this flexibility, you can optimize results by precisely tailoring your monetization tactics to fit your business goals.

Key Features

Advanced Lightweight SDK

Our SDK is built for optimal app performance, prioritizing fast load times and smooth operation. Its streamlined design enhances user experience by delivering high responsiveness and functionality, seamlessly supporting complex monetization strategies.

Customizable Demand Sources

Choose the advertising demand that works best for you. Whether you prefer to use's trusted network of advertisers for hassle-free monetization or connect your own networks and direct deals, our SDK makes it possible.

Prioritizing user experience

Our SDK ensures ads are displayed in a non-intrusive manner, seamlessly integrating them within mobile apps and websites. This approach maintains a smooth user experience, with ads blending naturally into the interface without causing disruption.

Optimized for Performance

Maximize your earnings with our intelligent optimization algorithms that ensure the best possible fill rates and eCPMs, whether you choose our demand or your own.

Real-Time Analytics and Reporting

Gain insights into your app’s performance with real-time analytics. Our dashboard provides detailed reporting on revenue streams, user engagement, and other critical metrics, helping you make informed decisions to optimize your earnings.

Full Control and Transparency

We provide complete transparency and control over the monetization process, allowing you to manage and monitor your advertising strategies directly within our platform.


Integrating our SDK is a seamless process designed with simplicity in mind. Through our comprehensive documentation and streamlined coding, you can effortlessly incorporate this advanced monetization tool into your app and gain full control over your revenue.

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